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  1. Finally I have found your website. You have a nice website full of passion for music! I’m a professional pianotuner, tuning mostly for concerts in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and the Doelen Rotterdam. Since I was asked to tune for a CD-project, concerning the 5 pianoconcerto’s of Beethoven in historical temperaments, I’m ‘thrilled’ about the topic unequal temperaments. In the meantime I bought and read a library at my home about the matter, and tuning more and more piano’s at clients’ homes in unequal temperaments. I’m very curious about your dissertation “Selected piano compositions of Beethoven and Schubert, and the effect of well temperament on performance practice”, and I would be very glad if I could read it. Is it possible to copy / buy it from you? I also read you are busy with a book about different historical temperaments with an accompagned CD? I hope I will be able to buy one from you here in Europe. Temperamentful greetings from Gerben Bisschop.

    • I need to hire someone to finish it. I’ve tried multiple times to find someone but several times they’ve taken my money and not done anything. Makes me wary. All my music is on iTunes, Amazon, and many other places though.

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